Natasha joseph

Creative Director & Producer

Natasha Joseph is a multi-media artist and curator, born and brought up in Bangalore, India and the Artistic Director of We Belong Here CIC. Her practice is focused on themes of cultural difference, cultural unity and is also heavily based on collaboration with multi-disciplinary professionals & creatives as well as the local communities. She often uses mapping and documentary styles to express the experiences and ethos of her participants to explore deeper issues about identity and belonging.


She most recently worked with Artcore as an Assistant Curator, notably curating and designed In Isolation Together, a 6-week online festival with over 50 artists from 20 countries. She is currently working with the likes of Balbir Singh Dance Company and will be in residence with Opera North, developing new work with Pariss Elektra in December 2020. 

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Project MANAGER 

Lottie is an interdisciplinary sound-artist, creating immersive performances and installations that experiment with concepts of 'Process' and interconnectedness. She is particularly interested in highlighting the art inherent within the processes of creation themselves, exposing the fundamental humanness at the heart of creativity. Through themes of becoming and unfolding her work invites audiences to step outside the traditional object-centric art experience and into these processes.

Having graduated from The University of Leeds in 2018 with an MMus in Critical and Experimental Composition, Lottie has had her works exhibited in numerous venues around Leeds and assisted on various arts events in the city. She is currently working on Yorkshire Sound Women Network’s ‘Sound Pioneers’ programme, devising an electronic sound-work for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2021.


Francesca Rodi

GRAPhic Designer 

Francesca Rodi is a mixed-media artist, potter and We Belong Here's Design Lead and Graphic Designer. The central theme of her work revolves around the psychological spectacle of the human psyche. Through reflection and questioning of society, she explores the obsessive, narcissistic and conditioning affects the self has on culture, social dynamics, and broadcasting. Through clippings of magazine and newspaper stories, she uses photo montaging and drawings to scrutinize the banality of fake news, the paranoia of our leadership and morality of those in power. Presently, she works as a Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer.

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Sabrina Rodi

GRAPhic Designer 

Sabrina Rodi is a Leeds based painter and designer originally hailing from Cornwall. Through the manipulation of memory, her paintings centre on rejecting reality in favour of the surreal. Her work playfully delves into the constructs of dreams, how we remember moments, how they linger in our subconscious, and how they distort over time. Distortion and reconfiguration of dreamscapes and familiar forms ignite an uncanny wonder in her studies, articulating an internal faculty which drives the paint further into the realms of the bizarre and absurd.

Sabrina is currently working as a freelance artist and graphic designer.




Lucy Teoh is the Logistics Manager of We Belong Here, as well as an artist and filmmaker. Her artistic practice explores liminality and the notion of in-between places, using moving image as the threshold between reality and illusion. Many of her films combine analogue and digital techniques and explore the relationship between the two mediums. She recently studied Experimental Filmmaking in Berlin, Germany and is currently working as a freelance video editor.




A Leeds based photographer and videographer, with a background in Fine Art, Michael specialises in producing film and photographic content for the arts and cultural sectors. Michael is passionate about the format of documentary and using analogue photographic processes.

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ally hart

Workshop leader

Ally Hart is an illustrator and stuff-maker based in Leeds, hailing from London. Her practice is based around all things bright and charming, and her ethos of positivity is conveyed through her work. At university she focused on model-making for stop motion, and visual storytelling. She loves to make things with her hands, and create fun tactile pieces of art.

Ally is currently working as a freelance illustrator, and runs an online store selling handmade goodies. 



Interplay is an arts organisation with a history of over 40 years engaging people nationally using the arts. We work across film, music and theatre and engage thousands of people each year in high quality arts experiences, developing them as individuals and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. Above all we believe that every young person has a story to tell and want to continue to empower them and give them the tools to tell their stories.


Leeds Inspired is part of the city’s cultural programme that celebrates arts events and projects throughout the year, supporting high quality, accessible cultural experiences for Leeds’ residents and visitors. Founded in 2012, Leeds Inspired supports culture in the city through grants schemes, commissions and a ‘What’s On’ events website.


Leeds Inspired is part of Leeds City Council.


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