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Download The Bunting Festival Map to follow the trail and see the flags in and around Armley!  

Be part of this community ART festival right here

in Armley, Leeds 

Art has always been a safe and freeing way for us to process our thoughts and feelings, and to make sense of the world going on around us. With our world now in this particularly uncertain time, we need more than ever to be able to address the new emotions we find responding to new living conditions. Associated with the celebration and hope of street parties and freedom, The Bunting Festival brings free make-your-own bunting activities to the streets of Armley, inviting everyone – whether with your families or by yourself – to join the community in creating your own personal bunting art! Reflecting your experiences of this time in the COVID-19 lockdown, these flags will represent your own stories, the ups and downs of lockdown living, and much more. This festival can’t solve the overall crisis that the pandemic has brought us, but we believe it can bring us closer together!

Once you’ve made your flags, The Bunting Festival team will collect them and string them together to make whole strings of bunting which will be hung in each participating street to form a trail, allowing you to see your art being displayed alongside your neighbours’ in your very own neighbourhood! 

The festival is entirely free: just sign up for one of our bunting kits and get making! We’ll be providing free workshops to help you get started and for tips on designing your flags, and we’ll collect your finished flags from local drop-off points near you – all totally free of charge!


Get your very own DIY bunting pack for FREE and have your flag in the first Bunting Festival this December! It also comes with easy and fun instructions. 


GET Involved

Would you like take an active role in your community festival? Find out more on how to volunteer and be a Street Ambassador!  


We have 6 workshops available, both online and in-person in venues in and around Inner West Leeds with some fantastic workshop leaders. All workshops are FREE and materials will be provided via packs! 


About US

We Belong Here is a CIC and pioneering movement led by the creative community for the community. It is about experimenting with the crucial themes of today, exposing society to expression and collective sharing and always celebrating creativity and diversity. Based in Leeds, England, we create opportunities for these ideas to be catalysed by providing events that engage every kind of artist and non artist alike and give them a platform to exhibit, perform and most importantly express themselves. We believe our community provides the building blocks of change. By supporting and nurturing them we create new generations of artists and artistry. We Belong Here stands by expression across art forms, be it artist, poets, dramatists, musicians or dancers, across age groups and across communities, building contemporary spaces where they may all exist in unison.